~Every successful endeavor takes a plan.~
After training over 100 National/World Champions,
We have found this to be the plan.

Evaluation of your current horse or finding an appropriate one to meet our goals.
National/World Level winners are priced from $10,000 - $100,000.
We charge 10% commission to find or sell a horse for you.


Your horse is required to be in training to show at the Breed shows with us unless the horse passes our testing.

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Be prepared to make purchases of custom outfits and quality tack on our advise.


For students and family members. It takes a team to be successful.

Attitude - Good sportsmanship, hard-working, and getting along with others are top priorities in our stable.
Dedication - Many hours of practice sessions and your horse's health/welfare should be high on your priority list.
Discipline - This program is a highly motivated, aggressive approach to becoming an excellent horse person. At the National/World Level there's not much room for error. If you are not disciplined or organized, you will probably feel rushed. But if you have these positive traits, attitude, dedication and discipline, you will excel and feel you are getting your money's worth.

We welcome visitors, but please make an appointment so we may best serve you. ~ bakerstable@hotmail.com